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ClientEarth is Europe’s leading environmental law charity. We are lawyers and scientists working to find real solutions to local, national and global environmental challenges.

We know that strong laws are the best tools we have to protect the environment. Laws set out how we as a society require individuals, businesses and governments to treat the world around us. They can make change that lasts.
By supporting ClientEarth you enable us to enforce environmental laws, protecting everyone's health and the health of your planet.

Help us to tackle air pollution

Air pollution is an invisible killer. Every year, 40,000 people die early in the UK alone because of dirty air. The law requires the government to tackle this problem, but it has failed to act. We fought a five year court battle to force it to take action and in 2015 the supreme court ordered the government to come up with ambitious new measures.

The government did publish new plans - but once again they fall woefully short of what's required to protect our health. If they don't take real action soon we will need to go back to court.

Your donation will help us fight in the courts for your right to breathe clean air.

Thank you.