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1 November 2015: The EU Timber Regulation due diligence obligation - An appropriate tool
2 September 2015: The risks associated with conversion timber in the Republic of Congo
3 September 2015: EUTR Enforcement in the UK
4 September 2015: EUTR Enforcement in Romania
5 September 2015: EUTR Enforcement in the Netherlands
6 September 2015: EUTR Enforcement in France
7 June 2015: Forest conversion - What does the Congolese law say?
8 March 2015: The EU Timber Regulation due diligence obligation and the use of official documentation
9 May 2015: CITES timber species in the framework of VPA enforcement
10 January 2015: Comparing illegal logging laws in the EU, USA and Australia
11 October 2014: Biomass Production and the EU Timber Regulation
12 June 2014: ‘LULUCF’ & the 2030 Framework
13 April 2014: Implications of the EU Timber Regulation on non-EU Timber Industry
14 April 2014: National workshop on the rights of forest communities in Gabon - report (French)
15 May 2014: Member state implementation of the EU Timber Regulation: The basics
16 Feb 2014: Securing community land and resource rights, Africa: Guide to legal reform & best practice
17 December 2013: Congolese forest code reform - analysis and early contributions (French)
18 November 2013: Achieving credible EU-wide verification of biofuel sustainability
19 November 2013: Using information to influence the enforcement of the EU Timber Regulation
20 Aug 2013: Guide to the Voluntary Partnership Agreement between Republic of Congo and EU (French)
21 July 2013: What does the EU Timber Regulation mean for public procurement?
22 July 2013: Factsheet on the EU Timber Regulation
23 June 2013: Guide for consistent implementation of REDD+ safeguards
24 June 2013: A guide to understanding and implementing UNFCCC REDD+ safeguards
25 May 2013: Biofuels – Safeguards for advanced biofuels
26 May 2013: Biofuels – Legislative delegation in the EC proposal
27 May 2013: Biofuels – Driving best practice in voluntary certification
28 April 2013: Biofuels – Fundamentals for meaningful action
29 March 2013: The EU Timber Regulation and the use of certification
30 Feb 2013: What does the EU Timber Regulation mean for the production of forest-related commodities?
31 April 2011: The Renewable Energy Directive tested - can we keep out bad biofuels?
32 Feb 2013: Biofuels: Improving the ILUC proposal
33 November 2012: Doha working group submissions map: a working paper on financing results-­based REDD+
34 November 2012: Carbon impacts of bioenergy under European and international rules
35 Oct 2012: Implementing VPAs: Approaches for civil society’s participation in VPA-related law reforms
36 October 2012: Making laws work: Implementing VPAs and the EU Timber Regulation
37 August 2012: EU Timber Regulation – VPA Q&A
38 June 2012: Risk assessment under the EU Timber Regulation and VPAs
39 May 2012: Penalties under the EU Timber Regulation and VPAs
40 May 2012: Competent Authorities: Roles and Responsibilities under the EU Timber Regulation and VPAs
41 Feb 2012 Sustainable timber: opportunity provided by revision of the EU Public Procurement Directive
42 Feb 2012: Working paper: Map of SBSTA Submissions: REDD+ Safeguard Information System
43 Jan 2012: ClientEarth response to UK government Consultation on Renewables Obligation Banding Review
44 Oct 2011: Sustainable Public Procurement - Identifying Opportunities
45 Oct 2011: May Certification Play a Role in Meeting the Due Diligence Obligation Under the EUTR?
46 Oct 2011: What Does the Exercise of Due Diligence under the Timber Regulation Require?
47 Sept 2011: The Impact of Transparency Requirements on the Timber Regulation
48 Sept 2011: Lessons from International and Regional Instruments
49 July 2011: Legal review of the legislative mandate on indirect land use change
50 June 2011: Recognition and Withdrawal of Monitoring Organisations under the Timber Regulation
51 June 2011: Reporting Obligations under the Renewable Energy Directive and the Fuel Quality Directive
52 June 2011: Bringing the ETS in line with reality: Making biomass emissions count
53 May 2011: Classifying the Actors in Timber Regulation - the first step to accurate implementation
54 May 2011: ClientEarth v the European Commission: Application for Annulment and annexes
55 April 2011: The Renewable Energy Directive tested - Can we keep out bad biofuels?
56 April 2011: NGO report on biomass
57 April 2011: A legal compass for VPAs
58 Jan 2011: Response to UK consultation on the revised draft National Policy Statements for Energy
59 Nov 2010: Legal briefing: Transparency Requirements for Public Procurement in the European Union
60 Nov 2010: Legal briefing: The Proportionality Principle and Sustainable Timber Procurement Policies
61 Oct 2010: Letter to the UK Government's Consultation on the Renewables Obligation Order 2011
62 Oct 2010: Joint submission for public consultation on indirect land-use change
63 Sept 2010: ClientEarth and others v Commission biofuels lawsuit, 20 September 2010
64 August 2010: ClientEarth replies to European Comission defence on access to biofuels documents
65 August 2010: Legal Briefing Legislative Mandate to the Commission on Indirect Land-Use Change
66 July 2010: Legal briefing Stakeholder participation in REDD plus
67 June 2010: Place of Social Criteria in Public Procurement Policies for Legal and Sustainable Timber
68 June 2010: Briefing Recommendations for strengthening the R-PP template
69 April 2010: Legal Analysis: Applicable Legislation in the Illegal - Timber Regulation
70 April 2010: ClientEarth briefing on Due Diligence in the Illegal - Timber Regulation
71 March 2010: ClientEarth and Others v Commission biofuels lawsuit, 8 March 2010
72 Jan 2010: Mini-Briefing: Advantages and disadvantages of a prohibition and due-diligence system
73 Jan 2010: Mini-briefing: Complementarity of a general prohibition and the due-diligence requirement
74 Oct 2009: Participant's Assembly, Forest Carbon Partnership Facility
75 Oct 2009: Legal Analysis: Accreditation Procedure in the Illegal-Timber Regulation
76 Sept 2009: Briefing: Specification of Penalties for Noncompliance with the Illegal-Timber Regulation
77 Sept 2009: Briefing: WTO Implications of the Illegal - Timber Regulation

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