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1 The EU Timber Regulation due diligence obligation and the use of official documentation
2 CITES timber species in the framework of VPA enforcement
3 Comparing illegal logging laws in the EU, USA and Australia
4 Biomass Production and the EU Timber Regulation
5 ‘LULUCF’ & the 2030 Framework
6 Effect of the EU Timber Regulation on Non-EU Timber Industry
7 National workshop on the rights of forest communities in Gabon - report (French)
8 Member state implementation of the EU Timber Regulation: The basics
9 Securing community land and resource rights in Africa: A guide to legal reform and best practices
10 Congolese forest code reform - analysis and early contributions (French)
11 Achieving credible EU-wide verification of biofuel sustainability
12 Using information to influence the enforcement of the EU Timber Regulation
13 Guide to the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) between the Republic of Congo and the European Union (French)
14 What does the EU Timber Regulation mean for public procurement?
15 Factsheet on the EU Timber Regulation
16 A guide for consistent implementation of REDD+ safeguards based on a comparative analysis of REDD+ initiatives
17 A guide to understanding and implementing UNFCCC REDD+ safeguards
18 Biofuels – Safeguards for advanced biofuels
19 Biofuels – Legislative delegation in the EC proposal
20 Biofuels – Driving best practice in voluntary certification
21 Biofuels – Fundamentals for meaningful action
22 The EU Timber Regulation and the use of certification
23 What does the EU Timber Regulation mean for the production of forest-related commodities?
24 The Renewable Energy Directive tested - can we keep out bad biofuels?
25 Biofuels: Improving the ILUC proposal
26 Doha working group submissions map: a working paper on financing results-­based REDD+
27 Carbon impacts of bioenergy under European and international rules
28 Implementing VPAs: Outlining approaches for civil society’s participation in VPA-related law reforms
29 Making laws work: Implementing Voluntary Partnership Agreements and the EU Timber Regulation
30 EU Timber Regulation – VPA Q&A
31 Risk assessment under the EU Timber Regulation and VPAs
32 Penalties under the EU Timber Regulation and VPAs
33 Competent Authorities: Roles and Responsibilities under the EU Timber Regulation and VPAs
34 The EU’s commitment to sustainable development: Time to progress from Green Public Procurement to Sustainable Public Procurement
35 Sustainable timber - the opportunity provided by the revision of the EU Public Procurement Directive
36 Working paper: Map of SBSTA Submissions: REDD+ Safeguard Information System
37 ClientEarth response to the UK government Consultation on Renewables Obligation Banding Review and Renewables Obligation Order 2012
38 Sustainable Public Procurement - Identifying Opportunities
39 May Certification Schemes Play a Role in Meeting the Due Diligence Obligation Under the Timber Regulation?
40 What Does the Exercise of Due Diligence under the Timber Regulation Require?
41 The Impact of Transparency Requirements on the Timber Regulation
42 Lessons from International and Regional Instruments: A ClientEarth and World Resources Institute Submission to SBSTA
43 Legal review of the legislative mandate on indirect land use change
44 The Recognition and Withdrawal of Recognition of Monitoring Organisations under the Timber Regulation
45 Reporting Obligations under the Renewable Energy Directive and the Fuel Quality Directive
46 Bringing the ETS in line with reality: Making biomass emissions count through the Monitoring and Reporting Regulation
47 Classifying the Actors in Timber Regulation - the first step to accurate implementation
48 ClientEarth v the European Commission: Application for Annulment and annexes
49 The Renewable Energy Directive tested - Can we keep out bad biofuels?
50 NGO report on biomass
51 A legal compass for VPAs
52 ClientEarth response to UK consultation on the revised draft National Policy Statements for Energy I
53 Legal briefing: Transparency Requirements for Public Procurement in the European Union
54 Legal briefing: The Proportionality Principle and Sustainable Timber Procurement Policies
55 Letter to the UK Government's Consultation on the Renewables Obligation Order 2011
56 Joint submission for public consultation on indirect land-use change
57 ClientEarth and others v Commission biofuels lawsuit, 20 September 2010
58 ClientEarth replies to European Comission defence on access to biofuels documents
59 Legal Briefing Legislative Mandate to the Commission on Indirect Land-Use Change
60 Legal briefing Stakeholder participation in REDD plus
61 Legal briefing The place of Social Criteria in Public Procurement Policies for Legal and Sustainable Timber
62 Briefing Recommendations for strengthening the R-PP template
63 Legal Analysis: Applicable Legislation in the Illegal - Timber Regulation
64 ClientEarth briefing on Due Diligence in the Illegal - Timber Regulation
65 ClientEarth and Others v Commission biofuels lawsuit, 8 March 2010
66 Mini-Briefing: Advantages and disadvantages of a general prohibition and due-diligence system
67 Mini-briefing: Complementarity of a general prohibition and the due-diligence requirement
68 Participant's Assembly, Forest Carbon Partnership Facility
69 Legal Analysis: Accreditation Procedure in the Illegal-Timber Regulation
70 Briefing: Specification of Penalties for Noncompliance with the Illegal-Timber Regulation
71 Briefing: WTO Implications of the Illegal - Timber Regulation

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