Sustainable Seafood Coalition

Our oceans are home to incredible biodiversity. Overfishing means the seas around the UK are in trouble. People wanting to buy responsibly sourced seafood find it hard to make good choices, because sustainability labels vary between shops.

To tackle this, we set up the Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC). It unites 67% of the UK seafood industry and works towards a vision that all fish and seafood sold in the UK comes from sustainable sources. The members cooperate to create and implement voluntary codes of conduct. The Labelling Code will allow consumers to better understand what they are buying. The Sourcing Code will give consumers confidence that it meets minimum standards of responsibility. This will encourage sustainable fishing at the source and help improve fisheries.

Our approach is unique because it’s industry-led. The businesses themselves want to harmonise sustainability claims because it puts them on a level playing field. With six of the UK’s eight major retailers already signed up, the SSC is a great success. Members come from every level of the seafood industry – from food processors to suppliers and retailers to restaurants. Together, we are working to ensure fish are caught responsibly and people have the information they need to help protect our oceans.¬†¬†

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