Petitioning the Parliament: Commission must meet its
access to documents

The European Commission has repeatedly failed to meet its obligations on allowing NGOs and citizens groups access to
documents - particularly regarding environmental information. We are calling on the Parliament to take measures to ensure the
Commission complies with the law.

What is the European Union Aarhus Centre?

ClientEarth has established the European Union Aarhus Centre to offer NGOs and citizens’ groups top-level legal advice on their
rights to information, participation and justice in environmental
matters. It is headed by Europe’s leading authority on environmental law, Professor Ludwig Kramer.

The scope of the
administrative review
procedure provided under Regulation 1367/2006
invalidated by the
General Court

Anais Berthier writes in
Environmental Law Network International Review about a first success in the long run for better access to justice in the EU.

European Environmental Law Observatory News

ClientEarth’s European
Environmental Law Observatory, willing to animate an engaging
debate on European environmental law, includes updates on important judgments and legal doctrine.